Produced/grown/collected/extracted in Turkey (industrial products, food, live animals, agricultural products, plant products, aquatic products, mines, etc.) and the important stages of the production process and the last essential labor and action deemed economically necessary are brought to Turkey. Products made in Turkey are considered domestic goods.

The process of issuing a Domestic Goods Certificate approved by TOBB is carried out by our Chamber. Our producers who want to obtain a Domestic Goods Certificate must prepare the relevant documents and apply to our chamber.

Note: “Domestic Goods Certificate” for agricultural and livestock products is issued by the Stock Exchange of the place where the product is obtained, and by the Chamber in places where there is no stock exchange.

**We recommend that you read the attached legislation carefully in order to avoid any disruptions during the process.

In Article 63 of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734; “Only domestic bidders should participate in tenders whose approximate costs are below the threshold values, and tenders whose approximate costs are above the threshold values; Since the administrations may include provisions in the tender documents to provide a price advantage of up to 15% in favor of local bidders who offer goods determined by the Institution as domestic goods, by taking the opinions of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other relevant institutions and organizations in the purchase of goods, the advantage will be applied in favor of local bidders. The goods in question will be considered as domestic goods.

1-Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Domestic Goods Communiqué
2-TOBB Domestic Goods Certificate Issuance Procedures and Principles
3-List of Medium and High Technology Industrial Products
4-Technology Classifications According to Eurostat Data

Click here to download the Communiqué document regarding the Domestic Goods certificate.

The Communiqué regarding the Domestic Goods certificate issued by our Chamber came into force by being published in the Official Gazette No. 29118 dated 13 September 2014 by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. The implementation principles of the said Communiqué entered into force as of 05 November 2014, with the approval of the TOBB Board of Directors.

Click on the link below for detailed information about the Domestic Goods Certificate application and the required documents.ıdırlugu/Sayfalar/YerliMaliBelgesi.php

The amount to be deposited to TOBB for the domestic goods certificate is 900 TL

TR21 0001 5001 5800 7293 5864 13


The amount to be deposited to the room for the document fee is 2,000 TL

TR04 0001 5001 5800 7302 0167 95