Our Mission

To carry out effective projects in all sectors that will support the economic development of Kırklareli and to support the development of human resources.

Our Vision

To be a leading organization in the economic and human development process of Kırklareli.

Our quality policy

It was established to meet the common needs of our members, to facilitate and develop their professional activities, to ensure honesty and trust in their relations with each other and the public, to establish professional discipline and morality and to ensure solidarity. In addition to fulfilling the services assigned by law, it provides solutions to solve the problems of both its members and the region. To continue its work in an effort to overcome the problems by producing and taking initiatives before the relevant authorities, to carry out the activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry within the scope of Law No. 5174 and to make continuous improvement in the activities of the Chamber within our quality system, to provide services in accordance with the Quality Management System, to organize Social Responsibility Projects in our Region. is our basic quality policy.

Our Press Policy

It prioritizes developing a sense of belonging and ensuring solidarity among its members, It is based on a visionary approach for the development of new ideas and projects and the production of policies, It uses up-to-date equipment and methods in the implementation of Press and Publishing policies, It creates a culture of cooperation and commonality with all institutions and organizations in the creation and implementation of policies. It prioritizes the creation of the mind.

Our Information Technology Policy

To ensure that our staff and members use information and communication technologies effectively and continuously by improving them by following the developments in information and communication technologies in the competitive world conditions in the Information Age, and to carry out the necessary work to develop and use more effectively existing information providing systems such as archives and websites.

Our Human Resources Policy

To employ a sufficient number of human resources in line with the qualifications, abilities and budget possibilities required by the job. The right person is placed in the right job.

Continuous development and improvement opportunities are provided for our employees, importance is given to internal development and communication. A clear, fair and transparent wage policy is implemented, the performance of our employees is evaluated through the Performance Management System, and areas open to improvement are determined. To review and continuously improve the human resources policy.

Our Financial Management Policy

To carry out all expenditures in accordance with the approved legal budget, to use the Chamber’s investments and financial resources needed with maximum efficiency based on the principle of transparency and accountability, and to continuously improve the financial strength of the Chamber.