What is a Capacity Report?

Capasity Report; It is a document that shows the production power of manufacturing companies and is valid for 2 years from the date of approval.

In order to prepare capacity reports, the companies for which the capacity report will be prepared must first be registered in the trade registry and be a member of the chamber where the workplace is located.

Capacity reports; In addition to the contact information of the companies, it includes their annual production capacity, machinery park, raw materials they use, capacity calculations and capital and employment information.

Purpose of Capacity Report Preparation:

Capacity reports are prepared to determine the country’s industrial production power and to shed light on economic and strategic plans and programs.

Legislation Requiring Capacity Report Preparation

Industrial Registry Law No. 6948,
TOBB Law No. 5174,
T.O.B.B Transaction Regulation
Import and Export Regulations
Communiqués on Incentive for Investments,
Decree Law and Regulations on the Production, Consumption and Control of Foods No. 560.

Where the Capacity Report is Used:

Investment Incentive Certificate,

Inward Processing Permit Certificate,

In applications for Temporary Acceptance Permit Certificate and in the closing phase of the commitments within the scope of these documents,

In applications for the Industrial Registry Certificate, which is a legal obligation and required for the use of electricity at a discounted tariff,

In various import and export transactions,

In official and private tenders,

In domestic and international loan procurement,

Participating in domestic and international fairs,

In the supply of raw materials that are allocated or for which tariff quotas are applied,

In obtaining a manufacturer’s certificate,

In tax inspections,

It is necessary for various public examinations and also sheds light on the country’s industrial inventory studies and mobilization plans and programs.